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I-DOCS system:

  • System was developed to streamline the Debt Review application process and ensure DC has an automated and easy to use Quotation that adheres to NCR requirements and rulesets

  • System is directly linked to credit bureau to ensure accurate account information in order for DC to do best possible restructure calculations

  • Automated calculations within the different rule sets such as DCRS, Balance and Payment Pro Rata as well as custom calculations as per DC’s business rules

  • Data filtering capability to identify potential clients that qualify for Debt Review based on DC preferences

  • Automatic recommendation on a PDA solve

  • Automated document generation

  • Digital signature capability to Touch Screen Phone and Email

  • Supporting Document upload portal



“Our 5 minute quoting ability is guaranteed to increase your new applications as clients can now sign their applications in real time on their smart phones, all supporting documentation could also be uploaded in real-time ” 


  •  Minimal capturing is required – A new application could be done in less than 5 minutes via the quick capture function

  •  All consumer information populated from the Credit Bureau report and uploaded into your Debt Restructuring system – no recapturing of information needed

  •  Any past debt review applications are listed, including the status of the application together with the previous Debt Counsellor contact details.

  •  A variety of quotations are provided and the Debt Counsellor can set their own quoting rules

  •  Provision for credit life insurance is made as part of the quotation and eliminate the need to go back and ask the consumer for more money after the form 16 packs were signed

  •  3 Layers of authentication ensures that the consumer can sign their form16 application pack digitally and electronically via their smart phones with the use of a one- time pin.

  •  All supporting documentation such as id's, pay slips and water and lights statements could easily be uploaded by means of the consumer's smart phone and directly into the consumer's portal

  •  All PDA debit order mandates and insurance mandates is part of the form 16 application pack and will also be signed by the consumer both digitally and electronically

  •  All Debit order cancellation letters is populated on the relevant nstitution's letterhead for ease of cancellation by the Credit Provider  


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